Established in 2008, Group Emmett Design Architects are led by RIBA Chartered Architect brothers. The practice is developed through collaboration with the client to explore modern ways of creating contemporary, sustainable and delightful spaces.

This unique assimilation of individual skills, awards, experience and knowledge is brought together in a collective and imaginative manner. Working in a wide variety of sectors, the Practice is able to draw upon an extensive repertoire including contemporary homes, cultural centres, renovation, landscape, historic and listed buildings, hospitality, ecclesiastical, commercial, education, leisure, sport and health.

Throughout their working partnership, the Practice understands the importance of the client’s engagement within the design process to enrich the user’s experience, lifestyle and well-being.

Group Emmett Design Architects approaches each project with a rigorous design methodology to provide the client with a unique and ecological solution that combines Architectural vision with a wide construction knowledge and legislative know-how.

Group Emmett Design Architects have a passion to provide innovative and contemporary solutions that are both resilient and sustainable. The Practice recognises the importance of how the built environment responds to and resolves social, ecological and environmental concerns on a local and global scale.

The resulting buildings demonstrate the use of both traditional and natural building craft, combined with new technological solutions to provide greener options within the environment.


The Practice values partnership and team work, having developed successful working relationships with local Planning Authorities and Building Control Inspectors, as well as a number of specialist consultants, engineers, contractors and skilled craftspersons.

Group Emmett Design Architects are engaged within the architectural profession not only delivering successful projects but are also committed to architectural innovation, publication, exhibitions and competitions.

Group Emmett Design Architects are members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).